Agency Selection Support

“Choosing between agencies begins with a deep analysis of key attributes like marketing technologies, past & current performance, and internal soft skills.”

Agency Selection Support
will save you time and money 

  • Are you starting the selection process for a new digital marketing partner?
  • Have you shortlisted the right agencies?
  • Are you asking the right questions?

…or are you already thinking “no, we just go with our gut”.

If you’re tired of 10,000 ways that don’t work, my Agency Selection Support is exactly what you need.. 

What keeps the end of year revenues climbing the graph in green isn’t so much to do with board meetings and working late as it is to do with values and attitudes of stakeholders at all levels.

That’s why understanding the people behind the process is as critical as understanding the process itself.

My Agency Selection Support is proven to lead to long term relationships with better outputs due to a better matching of needs to solutions. Contact me today and start the process.


Are you a good fit for the agencies you want to work with?

Does your hierarchy advocate waterfall-project-management? Are you dependant on task completion by siloed teams? Or do you perhaps champion an interdisciplinary cross-functional open plan workflow?

Agencies have deep and complex working processes, too. Agency Selection Support changes everything – I will help you look at prospective partner agencies in a new light.

The question is, can you afford to down tools and change agencies each time flow breaks down and the relationship sours? Changing agencies is expensive – in both time and money.

Agency Selection Support helps to highlight common areas of direction and vision conducive to a lasting and harmonious business relationship. 

I analyse multiple factors, including:

What is the agency’s process?

Has the agency researched your competition?

Has the agency gathered evidence in support of the costed proposal?

Can the agency demonstrate processes and outcomes through past results?

Are the rates fair in comparison to competitors that demonstrate similar results?

Have you made enough capital allowances to invest to meet the targets you are setting?

Why choose me for your digital due diligence or agency auditing?

My name, Gareth Hoyle, is synonymous with SEO and digital marketing expertise.

I am a leading industry expert and respected speaker, educating the brightest minds in digital business on my trusted and cutting edge methods of planning and implementing digital techniques that get results.

Please see the About Me page for further information on my business credentials.

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Remember, the bitterness of a rocky relationship lasts longer than the sweetness of discounted prices.

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