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Gareth Hoyle

Hi, my name is Gareth Hoyle. I’m an expert SEO strategist and digital marketing business leader with a focus on being the best and delivering the best.

People turn to me when they’re ready to become the authority domain within their niche.

But more about me in a second. They say to open with your second best joke and build up to your big finish. Here it goes:

 Q: “How many SEOs does it take to change a light bulb?
A: “Wait, what if we use strip lighting instead?”

Painfully accurate. Wouldn’t you agree?

Decisiveness and courage are not common traits. That’s why my life goal – my raison d’etre – is to share my career-long knowledge with your online businesses and make sure you have all your due diligence covered.

If you are looking to gain a competitive edge, especially if you lack the tenacity and fearlessness that only experience and vision can bring, I can help. I’ve been there, I’ve seen and done it, I know how it works and I can make it work for you.

More than 15 years. That’s how long I’ve been centre stage in the SEO and Digital Marketing arena. That’s over 130,000 hours. And I never miss a day.

  • I have built and led world leading digital marketing agencies (still do).
  • I have founded and sold best in class SaaS companies in the SEO space.
  • I have run and sold extremely profitable lead generation/affiliate websites. 
  • I have trained the C suite across the Middle and Far East.
    • Iran to Australia via India, Singapore and Thailand.
  • I have spoken and taught at the most prestigious SEO events in the West.
    • London to Las Vegas, Amsterdam to Boston, Kiev to Lisbon and many more.

There are very few people in the digital marketing industry with a reach as global as mine.

Making money online since 2005.

Grown digital marketing agencies from 0 to 200+ staff (and back down to 20!)

Founded (and sold) best in class SEO SaaS companies.

Built (and sold) extremely profitable affiliate websites.

Final Words…

OK, that’s the sales pitch. I did say that I’d open with my second best joke and build to a big finish.

Here it is:

Q: “Whose business ranks at the very top of page 2 on Google?”

A: “Who cares.”

Many a true word is spoken in jest. Make sure your business doesn’t become the butt of the joke. Get in touch, via the contact form, via email, or via phone.


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