Due Diligence For Your Digital Assets.

“Websites are valuable assets. Organic search visibility can rocket your valuations or bring you to your knees in tears. My job is to make sure you do the right things, buy the right things, and measure the right things.”
– Gareth Hoyle. 

I am neither a lawyer nor an accountant. I am a commercial digital marketer. 

I have learnt a lot since I made my first $$ online in 2005. I have made millions and lost thousands. I have been in many situations you may find yourself in today and now I want to work with you to make you fly further, faster.

I am an internationally respected SEO speaker, educator, and digital business leader.

I have an eye for detail and a unique skill set that enables the traits needed to excel at Digital Due Diligence.

Combined with a love for scaling websites via digital marketing strategies and tactics,
you can see why I can be the most valuable weapon in your arsenal.

Digital Due Diligence

Are you looking to buy an online business? Is SEO a major driver of its traffic? How at risk is the site from a Google update? Are the stats they are reporting true? My Digital Due Diligence isn’t about spotting a fraud…

New Agency Selection Support

Are you looking to start the pitch process for a new digital marketing agency? Have you shortlisted the right agencies? Are you asking the right questions? …or are you already thinking “no, we just go with our gut”…

Existing Agency Auditing Service

Do you have a current SEO agency contract? Are you certain that what they are delivering is what your business actually needs? Would you benefit from my experienced eyes to look over the strategy and tactics?

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Discover how my SEO guidance, commercial marketing skill set and Digital Due Diligence processes can help you to realise the full potential of your business.


Why choose me for your digital due diligence or agency auditing?

My name, Gareth Hoyle, is synonymous with SEO and digital marketing expertise.

I am a leading industry expert and respected speaker, educating the brightest minds in digital business on my trusted and cutting edge methods of planning and implementing digital that get results.

Please see the About Me page for further information on my business credentials.


About Me

All sounds great. What do your clients say?

Testimonials capture the attention. They show what’s gone before. They promise what’s to come. What I want you to focus on is that testimonials like these could soon be on your site. Sound good? Fill in the form and let’s do this.

Grateful for the opportunity to train under Gareth’s direction. A 217% increase in lead generation (business IT supplies) during the following quarter. The future is looking bright thanks to the advice and guidance Gareth provides.


Hong Kong based Exporter

We were sceptical at first. A new website with page 1 Google ranking, a new targeted pitch strategy, and a dedicated online client interaction facility later, and we finally understand. Our most grateful thanks.


US Real Estate Conglomerate

We approached Gareth Hoyle for marketing agency pitch support. The problem wasn’t the agencies – our brand message was strong but perhaps too diverse. Gareth gave us a niche online presence. A lesson learned.

Head of Digital Services

Top UK Based Fashion Company

Companies I Have Worked With

With over 15 years of experience in training the most forward thinking business leaders in their niche, I’m proud to say thank you for the opportunity to have worked with the best.

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